At Fernencial Mortgage Lending of Florida, our goal is to provide you a seamless path to finance or refinance your home. That’s why we created a secured and user-friendly online portal to submit your mortgage application. We are committed to making YOU our ONLY focus by assisting you from the very beginning of your loan origination through the closing day. Below are the steps to expect once you apply with us:

We will complete the application with you or walk you through the online application portal in order to ensure all the information gets submitted accurately and completely.

Once the application is completed entirely and submitted to us, we will review further for completeness and accuracy. Then, we will formulate some specific options that tailor to your particular need(s). In order to properly obtain the right findings and price the loan correctly, we will have to pull a tri-merge credit report. 

At this point, we will run the numbers based on the findings and generate a Loan Estimate (LE) and issue a copy to the borrower for further review. Once the borrower is ok to move forward, we will collect all the pertinent information and documentations for processing and underwriting.

The file is then submitted to processing along with all the supporting/requested documents. At this point, the appraisal and title work have been ordered, as well as any pending or requested information, such as VOE (Verification of Employment), VOD (Verification of Deposit), VOM (Verification or Mortgage).

At the same time, the file including all the required information gets submitted to underwriting for further review. The underwriter reviews the file to make sure it meets all the applicable guideline and compliance requirements. The file can be returned with additional information requested prior to a decision or can get approved with certain conditions to meet prior to closing.

Once the file is approved, your loan will then go to closing, where the closer will accurately finalize everything and work with the selected title company to finish the closing process and